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Criminal charges can devastate a person and their families.  A significant part of my practice is devoted to representing people charged with serious crimes such as murder, assault, robbery, and other offenses.  I have been lead trial counsel in hundreds of criminal cases in Missouri, and have been lead trial lawyer in numerous felony jury trials.  I have won acquittals (not-guilty verdicts) in a number of those cases, including several times in murder cases.  I have never had a client charged with first-degree murder actually be convicted of that charge.

My experience as a trial lawyer, including my experience as a criminal trial lawyer in serious felony cases, has earned me what is arguably the highest recognition and honor given to a Missouri trial lawyer.

I recognize the importance of proper preparation early: crime scene investigation, witness depositions, hiring expert witnesses, and ensuring that no fact is left uncovered.  My knowledge of Missouri criminal law and jury instructions allows him to tailor his jury selection, presentation of evidence at trial, cross-examination of state’s witnesses, and legal argument in a way that is best suited to winning an acquittal.

I am also an experienced criminal appeal lawyer.  I have briefed and argued many cases before the Missouri Court of Appeals.  In addition to appeals, I have handled post-conviction cases under Missouri Supreme Court Rule 29.15, which provides in part:

  A person convicted of a felony after trial claiming that the conviction or sentence imposed violates the constitution and laws of this state or the constitution of the United States, including claims of ineffective assistance of trial and appellate counsel, that the court imposing the sentence was without jurisdiction to do so, or that the sentence imposed was in excess of the maximum sentence authorized by law may seek relief in the sentencing court pursuant to the provisions of this Rule 29.15.  

This rule allows a lawyer to file a motion with the original trial court, and entitled the person convicted to an entirely new hearing on the allegations in the motion.  These proceedings can be as long and as detailed as the original trial itself.  Under this rule, I have won the outright reversal of a 40-year prison sentence for a man wrongfully convicted of a shooting he did not commit.

When people reach out to a trial lawyer, they do so at the hardest time of their lives.  Whether you face the aftermath of a serious personal injury because of another’s negligence, or the wrongful death of a loved one after an accident, or face serious criminal charges that you must answer to, please contact trial attorney Jarrett Johnson.  The Jarrett Johnson Law Firm’s office number received and delivers messages any time, day or night: 816-875-5754.